Malaysia to Australia Consolidated Transportation

Through Consolidated Transportation, your family and friends can mail you parcels to Australia. Even if you are in Australia, you still can place an order on the e-commerce platform to buy domestic goods then send to Australia using our service.

You can mail packages to our Collection then Forwarding warehouse in Malaysia from any urban area of Malaysia. Not only you can mail packages into our transit warehouse in batches, but also you can choose to pack multiple packages together to ship or unpack big parcels to smaller one. The process is simple, time-saving and worry-free.


What is consolidation?

Consolidation: we provide you with collection, inspection, warehousing, packaging, shipping and other services. On the basis of transshipment, we will pack your multiple parcels to big one. And on the premise of ensuring the safety of the items, remove the extra boxes, bags and so on, as far as possible for your package to reduce the volume and weight, in order to save freight.


Main process of Consolidated Transportation:
collection - inspecting - warehousing - packing - outbound


Common questions of asked on international consolidations:

1.          Will my package be taxed?

First of all, it is necessary to pay the tariff. According to the rule of Australian Border Force, there is no tax for the parcel under AU$1000. Unless some special items are checked, extra tax will be required.


2.          What goods can be transported together?

Prohibited Articles: inflammable, explosive, arms and weapons, drugs, fresh goods, corrosive articles, and other articles prohibited by the Australian Border Force. Basically, the rest of the goods can be sent together.


3.          How to pay the freight?

If you using domestic transshipment or freight forwarder, we support bank transfer, WeChat payment, Alipay payment. Some of them also support PayPal guarantee transactions.

Rapid transit
Efficient customs
Accurate tracking
Insurance Coverage