LCL (less than container load) Sea Freight

Australia to Malaysia Sea Freight Service

Ark International Logistics Group fully launched Australia to Malaysia bulk cargo, LCL (Less than Container Load) and FCL (Full Container Load). We can provide customers full sea freight services, including container loading, booking space, sea transport, double customs clearance and delivery. Whether you are in Australia or not, we are in Australia with you for the whole process to get things done efficiently, save money and without worry.



1. Proper registration at Australia, keep your items safety and without worry

Ark International Logistics Group is a registered company in Australia, with large direct logistics processing centers in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. We provide door to door service, warehousing and delivery in many places, making the goods safe and risk-free to Australia.


2. Experienced and professional service

Super professional team, rich experience in actual combat operation, well versed in the operation mode of various links of maritime transport, stable timeliness, capable of dealing with various freight difficult problems, and provide customers with one-to-one specially-assigned service, online and offline full connection, efficient and convenient.


3. Strong price competitiveness

With many years of experience in logistics industry, we have built close relations with shipping companies. By running our own DC in Australia, we can provide very competitive price, and the price is transparent and reasonable, without any hidden additional costs.


4. Dual-currency settlement and collection of items

We provide MYR and Australian dollar two settlement methods, so that you can avoid the procedures of MYR exchange for Australian dollar, as well as the financial and human costs, travel costs and management costs brought by the exchange. At the same time, we can entrust our company to collect the outstanding payment for items from the consignee, so as to solve your collection concerns after the items arrive in Australia. Ark looks forward to serving you.



Headquarters: 1-5 Longford Ct, Springvale VIC AUSTRALIA 3171

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Efficient customs
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