Collection and Forwarding

What is collection and Forwarding

Buyers conduct overseas online shopping and shopping through well-known e-commerce websites in Australia (such as CW, Woolworth, Coles, etc.), use domestic transportation companies provided by these websites to deliver the items to the receiving address of our company, which will collect the items on behalf of buyers, and then our company will forward the items to the recipient in the designated destination country according to the buyer's instructions.


Advantages of collection and forwarding

1. Solves the problem that Australian online shopping products cannot be sent back to Malaysia: most shopping websites in Australia do not provide direct delivery service to Malaysia, but the collection and forwarding service provided by ARK EXPRESS can help buyers to collect items and forward them back to Malaysia.


2. Reduce the cost of overseas shopping and online shopping in Australia: some overseas shopping websites provide direct delivery service to Malaysia, but the international freight is often very expensive. Ark International Express focuses on international transportation, and Malaysia Australia transportation is our main service. The collection and forwarding service provided by our company is more professional and affordable.


3. You can choose additional value-added services: what often bothers international buyers is that goods purchased from multiple websites cannot be shipped together, which lengthens the delivery time and increases the transportation cost. According to the actual needs of the buyer, our company can help to combine the parcels (if you shop on different overseas websites, you can choose the service of combining the parcels to be shipped back together to reduce the freight), unpacking, reinforcement, return services, etc.


4. Our company is not a third-party forwarding company, but a multinational courier company directly connected with the buyers. If the buyer has any questions, he/she can contact our customer service directly without going through any third-party platform.


5. Our company will pack all the parcels for transshipment according to the customs requirements. This will greatly improve the speed of customs clearance of items. In addition, our company promises that all packages sent to Malaysia will be packed according to our packing requirements and the receivers do not need to pay extra tax.

Rapid transit
Efficient customs
Accurate tracking
Insurance Coverage