【Australia to Singapore】 Direct air express


Guide for Postal Restrictions and Requirements (to Singapore)  

1.There is no other charge for customs clearance and taxes;

2. We deliver door to door service on time service, and the fastest delivery time is 5 days;

3. The first weight is 1kg, and the continuous weight is 0.5kg+;

4.Items such as food, health care products, cosmetics, daily necessities, jewelry and luggage can be delivered. The maximum package size is 30kg and the length of one side can reach 100cm;

5.Free insurance covering up to AU$200 per parcel, free to be deliver;

6. Australia operates multiple processing centers, which can provide collection and deposit services;

7. Large number of receiving and sending outlets are located in major cities in Australia, and they also provide door-to-door pick-up service covering the whole of Australia.

Rapid transit
Efficient customs
Accurate tracking
Insurance Coverage